Apa Kata Cesc Fabregas Tentang Puma?

“I am very happy about this new partnership with PUMA and really looking forward to wearing the new PowerCat 1.12 on pitch this weekend. This boot gives me a lot of confidence to compete physically in midfield, which is obviously very important. I need a boot that I am comfortable in, and which gives me the protection and power to play at my best.” 

”This has been a great summer for me, signing again for Barcelona and now for PUMA. This brand has a great attitude, and PUMA has some exciting plans for me that I’m thrilled to be a part of. I’m looking forward to a long partnership with them.”

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2 thoughts on “Apa Kata Cesc Fabregas Tentang Puma?

  1. Kita liat aja nanti apakah animo bakalan banyak yang suka sama sepatu fabregas yang ini.. kalau gue sih apa yang dipake fabregas mau aja gua beli tapi liat liat duit sama Animo sama komentar masyarakat dulu.. Barcelona sejati!

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